Use the two volume buttons at the same time. Changing in the input mode on a TV without a remote is possible. It is as though the smart remote control intercepts the pressing of the button and shows us other stuff. LINK Your remote codes for programming are 508, 557, 559, 642, 649, 655, 667, 673, 676, 726, 735, 736,737. I'm just wondering if it's possible to bypass the 'search' feature so she can select a channel with the XR2 (i.e., press the channel number) without also needing to press the OK … I have one of these technika tvs with the same problem Cure is to use a one for all remote I used the Urc 6440 which is a good one to have as it is upgrade able Use one for all code 2426 On this particular remote the key marked text becomes the digital tv menu ! Thanks. Hello again, Well...they don't show a photo of the remote on the manual, but I think this is your manual for your remote. Navigate to Help and press OK. 5. What on earth are we supposed to do to … However I was able to connect it to my home network through Ethernet and use the Remote app to navigate its menus. If it doesn't work, use the codes. Navigate to Program Your Remote and press OK. 6. 2. I would try the code search function first. 3. Main menu will be displayed. Programming instructions start on page 8 of the manual. 9. Open. Press the Home button on your remote. Or you press the OK button during watching DVB-T broadcasting and get to the Channel List directly. How do I change the input to cable on my vision without a remote control what will be the ok button once I get to input to cha: my remote (not magic) quit working.. changed batteries still wont work.. tv is LG LH55 INCH 5750 MODEL: How to change the volume on a vizio tv without remote , I only have power button and output Press and hold the TV and Clear buttons together. 8. Press “ok” without tv remote Panasonic Viera E5. There you can do a first time install to find any new digital channels Cheers Pete Hey Josh Paradise, Most of the times it´s the menu button itself wich you can find on the tv. Please press the AT&T button on your remote, you may also need to change the batteries in your remote. Hey Josh Paradise, most of the time is the same menu button that can be found on the TV. When you press the POWER button on the U-verse remote, both your TV and U-verse DVR/STB should be turned on. Select Yes, set up my Virgin TV remote now and press OK. 7. 4. There should be no need to press OK to watch TV. Perhaps you have lost your remote, or the batteries have died and you don't have any replacements. Channel List Using the “ ” or “ ” button on the remote control, make sure that the fi rst item, Channel List, is highlighted and press the “OK” button to display the Channel List. In order to press “ok” without a remote, I had to hold the “menu” button on the right side of the TV, and while holding press both volume buttons at the same time. Enter the code on your remote. use both volume buttons at the same time. I have a Panasonic Viera tx-l32e5e Tv and lost my remote for it. Every time I want to print a document, it requires that I go to the printer and press "OK" to get it to pull the paper from Tray 2 and print my document. Page 17: Recording Timers Navigate to Help & Settings and press OK on your remote. Please help me figure out how to get it just to print when I send the print command from my laptop computer. However, my 93-year old mom does not want to use the voice remote; she prefers the XR2. I am using Mac OS 10.1.12. Or maybe you are just near the TV and the remote is on the other side of the room and not easily accessible. I purchased the HP 477 fnw laser printer. We have a voice remote (XR11) that works great. To press OK without a remote control, I had to hold the menu button on the right side of the TV, and while pressing the two volume buttons at the same time.